January 17, 2022

6 Outdoor Features to Add Before Selling Your House

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When selling your house, there are key outdoor features that can be added to instantly increase your home’s value. Many of these will make your home more appealing to potential buyers to help it sell faster.

Outdoor Patio

According to Kiplinger, almost 90% of people interested in buying a home prefer a house with an outdoor patio area. This could be on a porch, back deck, or a patio area that is in the yard.

Hiring a patio company to complete your outdoor patio is ideal. A patio company can work with your home and landscaping to create the patio of your dreams. The more you invest in your home, the higher you increase your resale value.

Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit is an exceptional addition to patio areas that are located in the yard. You can make these yourself with concrete blocks or bricks. Simply let potential buyers know that the fire pit is included with the house.


Potential home buyers appreciate a home that has outdoor amenities. For example, a beautiful pool can be a selling point. The pool can be either above ground or inground. Make sure that it is safe for children.

Garden Pond

The more elaborate your garden pond is, the more appealing it will be to future home buyers. Hiring a company to create a large pond is more expensive, but the higher price tag for your home will offset the cost.

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is exactly what it sounds like. It is an outdoor area, usually on a deck or under a roof overhang, that is designed for both cooking and eating.

These typically come with a wine fridge, a mini fridge for food, and either a grill or a stove. An outdoor kitchen provides the perfect opportunity for entertaining outdoors.

Updated Landscaping

The more curb appeal a house has, the faster it will sell. Homes that have an aesthetically appealing exterior are also worth more money. You can increase the asking price by adding a few cost-effective touches to the landscaping surrounding the home.

In Conclusion

Increasing the amenities at your home, such as by hiring a professional patio company, will help your home sell faster and increase the value of your house. These tips are a great place to start.

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January 17, 2022


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