June 28, 2022

Reasons to Install a Paver Stone Walkway in your Backyard

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Adding a picturesque element to your landscape is a primary reason for installing a paver walkway. While there are many kinds of walkways to choose from, installing a paver stone walkway has unique features and benefits that make it stand out. Here are four reasons to install a paver stone walkway in your backyard.

They Increase Your Home’s Value

With a paver stone walkway, your home’s resale value increases. Homeowners will be interested to know that they can look forward to an 80% return on investment after installing a deck, patio, and porch, according to The Plan Collection. Potential buyers will be drawn in by how orderly and beautiful your backyard is and could very well be sold on it based on this small addition. This ROI is possible because a paver stone walkway lasts a lifetime with minimal care. So, it is a truly worthwhile investment for your home.

They Are Durable

With the addition of a stone walkway, your yard will express your uniqueness and personality. These walkways are not only durable but timeless as well. Even after many years, your paved walkway will look new. Paver stone walkways are straightforward to maintain and keep clean. All you need is a bucket of warm soapy water and a brush.

They Provide Protection

Safety is one big plus that paver stone walkways provide us. Their textured design makes them anti-slip in any weather. In the winter months, sprinkling some salt on them is all you need to do to prevent ice from becoming a hazard. Protection of your landscape is made possible with a paved walkway because people are less likely to deviate from the carved-out, mud-free path to wander into your flowers, trees, plants, or garden.

They Are Simple to Install

Paver stone walkways are one of the easier yard additions to install. The stones required are readily available and affordable. If damage occurs to the stones, you can do the replacement yourself quite easily. Another advantage is that after completion, there is no wait time required before you can walk on your new walkway. You can go straight to enjoying the new beautiful addition!

If you are considering increasing the curb appeal of your home landscape by installing a paver stone walkway, get in touch with us today. We would love to help you transform your backyard.

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June 28, 2022


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